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Why Choose the Humanity Shield?

Why Choose the Humanity Shield?

As we all fight to bend the curve back, PPE has become a hot topic. Along with social distancing and frequent handwashing, proper use of PPE can help minimize the risk of exposure- both for the person wearing it and other members of the community.  While the Humanity Shield is a face mask/shield hybrid, there are already many reasons why people choose face shields. Let's look at a few of them.

1. Easy way to minimize exposure to respiratory droplets

A study cited in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that face shields were shown to reduce immediate viral exposure by 96% at a distance of 18 inches, and by 92% at a distance of six feet (June 9, 2020 Volume 323, Number 22).

2. Protects the eyes

We now know that COVID-19 can enter the body through the tear ducts and pass to the lungs that way. Face shields provide an important line of defense in avoiding viral infection through the eyes (The Lancet, June 27, 2020 Volume 395, issue 1024).

3. Reduces face touching

Early on in the pandemic we all became aware of just how often we touch our own faces. One benefit of wearing a face shield is that it prevents you from unconsciously touching your face- thus minimizing the chance that you will transfer the virus from a surface you just touched to a mucus membrane on your face.

4. Easy to clean

The Humanity Shield can easily be cleaned on a daily basis. Throughout the day the fabric and shield can be cleaned with an alcohol based sanitizing spray. At the end of the day, the shield can be washed with dish detergent and hung to dry. 

5. No fogged glasses

Unlike masks, shields allow you to comfortably wear glasses without compromising visibility.

6. Breathable

For asthmatics and others with difficulties breathing, wearing a mask for extended periods has been challenging. The Humanity Shield allows you to breathe normally while protecting yourself and others.

7. Facial visibility

The Humanity Shield was co-created by an audiologist with deaf and hard of hearing clients who rely on facial visibility for lip reading. Feeling insecure in her shield she spoke to a local manufacturer of PPE and together they designed the Humanity Shield.

We believe that during these stressful times seeing a smile has the ability to fight feelings of isolation and bring us together as we fight to get this virus under control.

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